Good Hands for a Good Deed

On my recent trip to Guatemala I went to visit my dad at a home he is staying at and as my mom was giving me a tour we happened to come upon some bibs hanging on a clothes line and my mom pulls one and says “Oh I need to take one of these so I can make them some new ones” that moment I took the bib from her and said “no I will make them” lol…my mom already has so much on her plate besides visiting my dad everyday she also takes care of my 94 year old grandma.

So that is when it hit me that I would host a sewing social night and get some helping hands to help me sew the bibs 🙂

I called my local Singer store where I bought my sewing machine almost 20 years ago and the manager Michael allowed me to use the space which I am so grateful for!

I had 5 people helping me and 2 moms Facebooking..err..I mean supervising 😉

I also picked up some food and refreshments. All in all we had a great time and made 14 bibs that are now ready to ship to Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados in Guatemala.

This is the original bib. I copied the pattern and cut the bibs before the class started so that all we had to do was sew the bias binding.


2015-07-15 04.02.122015-07-15 00.13.10

The finished bibs Yay!

2015-07-15 18.20.17

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